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McDonald’s employee spills on the 10 annoying customer habits he can’t stand




There are two types of people in this world: a good McDonald’s customer, and a bad one.

Maccas workers see it all with customers - and one employee has spilled on what he says makes the worst ones.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Maccas employee weighs in on good or bad customers.

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Harry Oliver, from the UK, has posted a series of TikTok videos sharing the acts that customers do that “baffle” him - and the ones he “loves”.

So, what kind of customer are you?

Harry Oliver’s videos share the acts that ‘baffle’ him - and the ones he ‘loves’. Credit: TikTok

Bad customer

Oliver’s first two videos, which garnered a combined 700,000 views, reveals “things that customers say/do which baffle me”.

On that list includes:

  • Asking if the fries are hot
  • Asking for a cheeseburger with no cheese
  • Complaining that a Quarter Pounder has cheese in it
  • Not selecting table service, but sitting down and expecting table service
  • Shouting an order
  • Mumbling an order
  • Getting angry when the shake machine is broken
  • Ordering “just a coffee” but not saying which type of coffee
  • Asking for fries without salt, then asking for salt sachets
  • Ordering extra toppings in their McFlurry
Maccas worker Harry Oliver’s most annoying customer habits. Credit: TikTok

Hundreds of people, including fellow Maccas employees, related to Oliver’s video.

“Relatable,” one wrote.

“No literally - customers are the most baffling things I have to deal with,” another said.

Some even added other bad customer traits to the list.

“Not knowing what they want when they get there,” someone said.

“I’ve had to make salads with no lettuce a few times,” another wrote.

“When they tap their hands on the counter to get my attention instead of just speaking,” a third commented.

Good customer

But there were some redeeming factors that Oliver listed in his third video, which received more than 150,000 views.

And they all had one common theme: manners.

“Things that customers say/do which I love,” he captioned his video.

There were three things on the list: the first, waiting a while and replying “no worries” to the employee’s apology, and the second, saying “no worries” when having to park in Drive Thru if the order is taking too long.

The third? “Just manners tbh (to be honest),” Oliver wrote.

Maccas worker Harry Oliver’s favourite customer traits. Credit: TikTok

Everyone in the comment section agreed with him here.

“Rare but true,” someone wrote.

“Always will be polite to customer service workers. There’s just no need to be rude, it’s so unnecessary,” said another.

“When they say ‘Have a nice day honey’ or ‘Thank you sweetheart’ - it’s so nice and sweet,” one person said.

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