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Mass Effect 3 Mod Overhauls Dream Sequences, References Player Choices




The Mass Effect Games might well be more intrinsically linked to player choices than any other titles to have become before or since. That's why the slow-going dream sequences in Mass Effect 3 aren't exactly all that popular with its faNBAse since your choices have very little bearing on how they unfold. Now there's a mod to change that, bringing characters back from the first two Games to haunt Shepard's recurring nightmare.

The dream sequences in Mass Effect 3 revolve around Shepard chasing the child he saw killed by Reapers as he left Earth but failing to catch and help him. A harrowing moment for the character, but considering the loss those of us who had already played the first two games have been through, not a death that would have sat with most of you had it not been for these sequences.

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That's where Pauju's mod for Mass Effect's Legendary Edition comes in. The Dreams Remade mod, which you can download through Nexus Mods, drastically alters the dream sequences in an attempt to make them more meaningful. While the child remains, they will feature far less prominently as characters you've lost during the first two Games will appear instead.

The trailer above shows what the mod looks like in action. It can even put characters who died in the first two Games in Mass Effect 3 uniforms that work in conjunction with other mods you may have already applied. As well as making your choices even more meaningful, it speeds Shepard up a little because let's be honest, how long those sequences take is the most annoying thing about them.

Now the next time you find the strength to start up Mass Effect 3 after replaying 2's suicide mission and suffering those losses all over again, the choices you make will truly haunt you for the rest of the trilogy. In fact, they may well haunt you for even longer. A new Mass Effect Game is in development. Very little has been revealed about what to expect, but teasers do imply the last Game's destroy ending is now canon.

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