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Marvel Snap Players Are Outraged By Poor Value Of Its Paid Bundles




Marvel Snap has added new limited paid bundles, offering weekly or daily selection of various in-Game currencies. The new addition to the Game's market, however, hasn't gone smoothly among fans so far, as players criticize the poor value of these bundles.

Over this weekend, the team at Second Dinner introduced the first-ever weekend bundle to Marvel Snap, containing 200 credits, 200 gold, and one thousand collector's tokens. While everything from the package seems like a valuable addition to many players' efforts of expanding their card collection, fans believe the price tag of $19.99 is somewhat unreasonable for this offering. What's more to it, the devs followed this questionable package with no less controversial daily bundle, containing just 625 credits for $4.99.

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Needless to say, those two bundles quickly become one of the hottest topics across the Marvel Snap subreddit, as players began to wonder who can possibly be tempted by this "insulting" deal. To put things into perspective, you get 50 credits each day just by logging in to the Game, and you can easily accumulate around 600 units by doing daily missions and claiming your rewards within a day. As Redditor OmeDragon wrote, it's "basically one [collector's] cache (which has a high potential to be trash) for $5."

This is a joke right?

by u/20tboner01 in MarvelSnap

The devs are also seemingly overcharging for the weekend bundle, as players have pointed out it is a much better deal to simply buy 1,450 gold from the market on a regular basis. "I read it three times thinking I missed some zeros," Commander_Cody17 said. Redditor Yousoggyyojimbo has also compared today's daily bundle with the Festival Fireworks pack, which was available for the same $4.99 price back in January, and had much better value, also offering a new avatar and unique card variant to players.

As for these new premium bundles, fans urge everyone to completely ignore them, and wait for better offerings. It is unknown when we should expect them, though, as the upcoming second weekend bundle looks quite uninspiring too.

So far, players suspect that the developers are deliberately overcharging them for these bundles now to successfully sell better and cheaper offerings later. As a result, many are upset by the current monetization system that Second Dinner is sticking to, hoping that it won't ruin Marvel Snap for casual players.

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