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Mario Movie Has A Post Credit Scene Teasing "What The Sequel Could Be About"




By this time next week, some of you may have already seen The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While you probably don't need to be told to sit through the credits, Chris Pratt has confirmed there will be another scene after the movie has finished, teasing it will set up where the story might go in a potential sequel.

“At the end of the film, there's a post-credit sequence that gives you a taste of what the sequel could be about. And that gets me very, very excited,” Pratt told CBR (thanks, Nintendo Life). Probably not a surprise to most of you that Nintendo and Illumination are planning a sequel even though the first movie hasn't been released. The trailers and marketing for the movie have generated a lot of hype.


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Pratt didn't hint at which direction the movie might go if it gets a sequel, not wanting to spoil the first movie before it's even released, but he did admit he likes the idea of a Luigi's Mansion spin-off. Pratt has heard the chatter which kicked up a gear this week when Charlie Day, the voice of Luigi in the Mario movie, admitted he would be very on board with that being where Nintendo's potential movie universe goes next.

luigi trying to hold a castle door closed in the mario movie
via Nintendo/Illumination

The studios certainly have a lot of options if The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a big enough hit. Also rumored to be in the works if all goes to plan is a standalone Donkey Kong movie. Seth Rogen voices DK in the movie and said this week that the character's voice will simply be his own. Nintendo is also working on a DK expansion for its Super Nintendo World in Japan. What better way to cross-promote that than a blockbuster starring the tie-wearing monkey?

Even though credits scenes are most commonly associated with superhero movies, they have started to crop up in other genres too. That both Sonic movies have introduced new characters through them should serve as evidence the Mario movie will probably do the same thing. The first Sonic movie had Tails emerge through a ring portal, and (spoiler alert if you haven't seen the sequel) Shadow was shown in the credits of the second one.

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