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Mario Kart: Super Circuit Gave Secret Points Based On Chosen Character




We can all agree that NES and SNES era Games kept way more secrets than the KGB. Just how in the hell did devs think we would find a secret passage hidden in one random spot, and input a specific series of commands to open it? Of course, we couldn't look these up on the internet back then because, you know, it didn't exist. Many of these secrets, Mortal Kombat Fatalities, and guides were available in Nintendo Power magazine, which we were compelled to buy. However, there are some secrets that are still being revealed today.

It turns out that Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Game Boy Advance had been secretly giving players points based on the characters they chose. So, if you've been wondering why your points were always so low when you played as Yoshi, as opposed to Bowser, it's because the devs deemed it fit to give Bowser 45 extra points just for being Bowser.

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As reported by Kotaku, this information was brought to light thanks to a dataminer who calculated the bonus scores for each character. "In Mario Kart: Super Circuit, the Grand Prix rank is calculated with a complex formula that awards points for player performance. However, the formula also gives free bonus points simply for playing as certain characters," said a Tweet by Supper Mario Broth.

You'd get 45 extra points for choosing Bowser, 40 for choosing Wario and Donkey Kong, 30 for Mario and Luigi, ten for Peach and Toad, and zero for choosing Yoshi. It's unclear why the developers hated Yoshi so much. Perhaps his character model was the most annoying to handle during development. The only understandable explanation for this is that these secret points balanced out the speed and control that Yoshi gave, as opposed to characters like Bowser and Wario.

Players who used to main Yoshi all those years ago, and even today, were understandably frustrated upon hearing about this revelation. Just imagine having no idea why you were scoring fewer points with Yoshi, only to learn years later that the developers just gave the other characters extra points.

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