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Mario Kart 8 Gets An Ocarina Of Time Themed Custom Track




Mario Kart 8 already has a Zelda level. But you know what it could use? More Zelda. Sadly, the recently-revealed Wave 4 of DLC tracks will add several Mario Kart Tour maps, Waluigi’s Stadio from Double Dash, and the all-new Yoshi’s Island, but it won’t bring us another Zelda-themed track.

Thankfully, we have RiazorMC to pick up where Nintendo leaves off. RiazorMC has created a custom Ocarina of Time-themed track that uses assets taken straight out of the 3DS version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It uses the same song as Mario Kart 8's Hyrule Circuit, and it's in absolutely desperate need of some guard rails.

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The issue here is that the circuit isn't a closed loop. This is one of those dash maps where you start at one end and wind up at a finish line somewhere down the line. For this Ocarina of Time track, you start in Kokiri Forest, then go through Hyrule Field on your way to Gerudo Valley. Then from Gerudo's Fortress, you go back down Gerudo Valley, through Hyrule Field again, and then to Lake Hyla where you drive through the lake. Then once again back through Hyrule Field to Death Mountain where you drive straight up Ganon's Castle to the finish line.

There's a lot of accuracy to Ocarina of Time's map here, and while that works for a semi-open-world adventure, it's terrible for a race. It doesn't look like there's anything keeping the player from bypassing large swaths of Hyrule Field, and you can easily get lost going through towns in Gerudo Valley or on your way to Death Mountain. Worse, going through Gerudo Fortress requires doing a 360-turn through a roundabout that has you go back down through the exact same path used to get there, with drivers running headlong into each other as they pass.

This course is really cool, but it desperately needs some guard rails and maybe a few signs. As it stands, you need to know the overall course already to keep from getting hopelessly lost. A good first effort, though, and I can’t wait to see what improvements might be made in version 2.0.

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