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Mario Kart 8 Booster Course Pass Wave 4 Includes Double Dash's Waluigi Stadium




Nintendo provided a short teaser about the next wave of its Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC last month during its bumper Direct. The full preview for wave four has now been revealed, detailing the eight tracks that will be added to the Game, including Double Dash's Waluigi Stadium, and confirming Birdo won't be the only new character added to the roster.

The new trailer for wave four also confirms when exactly those of you with the Booster Course Pass, or an Expansion Pack subscription, will get it. On March 9, so just a week left to wait. Nintendo has been sprinkling a few Mario Kart Tour tracks into the Game's DLC during the first three waves but has really gone heavy with the mobile Game for wave four.


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Three of the eight tracks being added via wave four have been pulled from Tour. Courses inspired by Singapore, Bangkok, and Amsterdam as its characters racing around the world is kind of the mobile Game's gimmick. The wave will also include an entirely new track, Yoshi's Island, and the other four inclusions have been pulled from Mario Kart's extensive back catalog.

The pick of the bunch might well be Waluigi's Stadium, a track introduced to the series via Double Dash. One of the most popular installments in the series, anything related to Double Dash being dusted off and revived is almost definitely going to be a hit with a lot of players. Not to mention anything with Waluigi's name and face attached to it always goes down well. If you have already moved past a prior wave adding Waluigi's PiNBAll to Deluxe, then you're not me.

Wave four will also be the first that adds a returning character to the Game, Birdo. Roster expansions were not promised when the DLC was first announced, but the above trailer has confirmed Birdo will not be the only character reintroduced to Mario Kart before all six waves have been rolled out. With two more waves to go, there are a few options Nintendo may go with. If anyone official is reading this, Diddy Kong gets my vote.

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