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Mana Machine: The enigmatic technology that generated food for the people of the desert




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Manna Machine: enigmatic technology that generated food for the people of the desert

Many of the things described in Holy Scripture are inexplicable and, therefore, adherents of religions are forced to give them the name of “miracle.” One of these sacred feats is the one that God rained down from heaven to feed the Israelites during their long journeys in the desert: magical manna.

Many experts from various branches have tried to decipher the mystery of what manna is, the miraculous food that God provided to the Israelites during their stay in the desert. From religious to historians and scientists have tried to find answers to this.

For many years, the Israelites survived 40 years in the desert thanks to food from Heaven. This miraculous story was narrated in the Holy Scriptures, however, is it true? Where did that food come from? Is it really a gift from God or is there some scientific explanation for this?

The Manna Riddle

The Exodus of the Bible mentions the Mysterious phenomenon of manna. According to that miracle, the Israelites received every morning a sweetish substance that was discovered to be the secretion of a genus of insects living in some bushes in the Sinai desert. In 1927, the studies carried out by Fritz Bodenheimer and Oskar Theodore revealed that the capulitas could be verified in tamarisk branches; In addition, the Bedouins kept it just like honey to later eat it and called it ‘manna’.

In 1887, “The Kabbalah Unveiled” by S. L. MacGregor Mathers was published to the public; this in order to give a transcription of the text contained in the Zohar, which exposes something related to the «Ancient of Days». A revelation made by Shimon Bar Yochai during the 40 years that Israel spent in the desert, points out that this knowledge had been closely handed down orally. The text consists of three parts: Text of the Hidden Ministry, Major Assembly and Minor Holy Assembly; precisely in the Major Assembly there appears a passage that talks about the “incognito knowledge” in reference.

(37) As it was mentioned, “He was (ie, He could somehow be recognized to some extent), and he was not”; since He cannot be clearly understood; but He is as he was formed; there is none even like Him, since He is the Ancestor of the Ancestors.

(38) But in the conformation of him He is known; as also He is the Perpetual of the Eternals, the Ancestor of the Ancient Ones, the Hidden of the Hidden; and in the symbols of it is He knowable and unknowable.

(39) White are his garments, and his appearance is the likeness of an immense and terrible Face.

(40) On the throne of blazing light He is seated, so that He can direct his (flames) from him.

(41) In forty thousand superior planets the brilliance of the skull of his head is spread, and from the light of this brilliance the just one will receive four hundred planets in the planet to come.

(42) This is what is written, Gen.XXIII. 16: «Four hundred shekels of silver, the current coin with the merchant».

(43) Inside his skull there are daily thirteen thousand myriads of planets, which gain presence from Him, and by Him they were maintained.

Advanced technology

After a long time, the most sophisticated technology was used so that people could obtain the necessary goods for food.

In the Aramaic Zohar there is a title page showing the Ancient of Days. This description includes something strange like 3 heads, a very bright lamp and a “mustache” on some parts of the body. Although this seems confusing, there is meaning behind it if you get a chance to do your research.

The ancestors of the Days were physical objects that did not move or speak, and to transport them they had to use thrones. This was necessary every time they intended to move through the desert. These thrones were “brought down” in order to leave.

Was it a developed mechanization that was responsible for mana production? So the object could have been some form of advanced technology.

Hearing the stories about the Ancient of Days, two electrical engineers set out to build what could be called an improved version, that is, a machine capable of generating mana.

Rodney Dale wanted to put all the Manna Machine instructions into perspective through a diagram, in which he explained exactly what each part was useful for.

Dale explained that after studying the instructions carefully, everyone was able to locate the components and assemble the machine. The tests carried out showed that it would be functional from a biochemical point of view.

A mechanism was programmed to locate moisture early in the day, condensing it and thus creating a ceiling. Later he combined this with prepared algae that had been intended to increase the speed of their development. This power was generated by means of a small nuclear reactor that turned on both the necessary heat and light.

This ancient and famous legend is confirmed by some recent research, which determines that what the Israelites carried on their journey through the Sinai desert for 40 years would have been a kind of space reactors, hidden inside the Ark of the Covenant to keep them insurance.

The radiation hypothesis is supported by the Scriptures, where it is explained that anyone who approached the Ark without knowing how to manipulate it, would die soon after. In addition, many individuals left with mutilated nails and hair after finding it. This suggests a clear effect caused by the emitted radiation.

The question that many of us ask ourselves is who was the source behind the development and technological advancement that the Israelites displayed during their journey through the desert? Some theories suggest that an extraterrestrial civilization came to earth in those times to offer them scientific advancement.

What was the manna?

Is any civilization from another world considered to be in any way responsible for recent events?

From what was already mentioned above, we can scientifically understand the way in which manna was generated. What is not yet known is what exactly is its definition?

Many scientists study the evidence that early humans possibly ate algae. These specialists have leaned towards the idea that ancient vegetarians probably consumed a type of algae known as Chlorella to obtain the necessary nutrients.


Currently, a production process is carried out in tanks to obtain the benefits provided by this algae, being used as part of the food for those who live in isolated places, especially for cosmonauts.

Recent studies have shown that the human body is able to go a long time without solid food simply by eating Chlorella, a kind of algae.

Immersing ourselves in nature and considering the fact that an algae grew in a desert like Sinai, is it possible that this was caused by some machine? If so, can we bet that the machines were created by an extraterrestrial civilization?