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Malenia Kills 10 Elden Ring Players Every Second




Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is not the final boss of Elden Ring, but she might as well be. Yesterday, Bandai Namco released an infographic confirming that Malenia is the Elden Ring boss that players have struggled against the most with 329 million attempts on her life since the Game’s release. And according to one Redditor’s math, that number amounts to Malenia killing ten Tarnished every second.

It’s not too hard to follow along with user 20mgAddy calculation. There are roughly 32 million seconds in a year, so divide 329 million attempts by 32 million, and you get a little over 10 attempts per second. And we can assume the majority of those attempts are unsuccessful, ergo a dead Tarnished.


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Ah, but some of those attempts don’t result in a dead Tarnished and instead end with Malenia being defeated. We can work out just how many attempts result in a Tarnished victory thanks to Steam’s achievements and Bandai Namco’s own numbers. We know that 34.6 percent of all Steam players have defeated Malenia at least once because of the associated achievement, and we know there have been 20 million Elden Rings sold across all platforms. Assuming the rate at which players defeat Malenia remains the same across all platforms, and assuming that the number of Tarnished that replay the Game and defeat Malenia again is vanishingly small, that works out to 6.92 million Malenia kills. That’s a success rate of roughly two percent.

So we can subtract the successful Malenia kills from the total attempts, and we wind up with 322 million dead Tarnished. And that still works out to roughly 10 dead Tarnished every second.

There are a bunch of other interesting stats in the infographic, like how the most used spell in Elden Ring is Rock Sling for its efficient MP cost, excellent range, and ability to deal physical damage instead of magic damage. Also, just two percent of Tarnished are killed by other Tarnished, while 14 percent of Tarnished die by falling. So it’s cliffs that are the true Recusants after all.

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