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Major change for Facebook as it removes security feature from its app




A major policy change is underway on Facebook as it plans to remove its code generator from its app, which means users will potentially lose a layer of security protection.

Users received the notification after logging on to the Facebook app on their devices.

“Code generator is going away soon,” the notification read.

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“Make sure that you have another two-factor authentication method so that you don’t lose access to your account.”

Facebook announced it will remove its code generator feature from its app. Credit:

The code generator feature is popular with many users who want a convenient way to log into Facebook on a second device while being currently logged in on another.

The code generator enables users to simply use a code that will allow them to authenticate their other log in attempt on a second device.

Once this feature is disabled, Facebook users will have to turn to another form of two-factor authentication instead.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra reposted the news on Twitter on Saturday, April 1, after another user posted a screenshot of the notification.

“(Facebook parent company) Meta is shutting down its in-app 2FA (two-factor authentication) code generator,” Navarra said.

“This is a dumb question, but um, why did everyone force us into 2FA and then shut down their support of 2FA?” one person asked on Twitter.

“It was the only reason I was keeping the app installed on my phone. Good they gave me a reason to remove it,” someone said.

Meta head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher said they were moving towards more ‘robust’ security features. Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP

Meta head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher responded to Navarra’s post and explained the reason behind Meta’s decision.

“For context, our in-app code generator was created before push notifications became widely adopted in our industry as a way to authenticate user sessions,” he said.

“We’re sunsetting the older approach to move the small portion of people who may still use it to more robust ones.

“It helps avoid redundancies (which can introduce their own security risks), so we’re following best practices to consolidate.

“Importantly, everyone can (and should!) use 2FA on their Meta accounts in their favourite flavours, including third-party apps like Google Authenticator, SMS, and security keys.

“I always encourage people to use 2FA on all of their internet accounts, including Meta accounts and others like their personal email.”