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Love Is Blind Contestant Subtly Suggests Elden Ring Bosses For Baby Names




Crossovers, in any form of media, are always fun. Seeing characters from other IPs appearing in your favourite content is a weird, fourth wall-breaking feeling that's still enjoyable. Of course things like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fortnite have absolutely ruined that feeling, but every once in a while, a crossover comes along that reminds you of that old feeling again. Most recently, for me, it was the Return to Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells – but for those who enjoy reality TV, it's probably when Elden Ring featured in an episode of Love is Blind season four.

Based on a quick Whatsapp voice note from my friend, Love is Blind is like any other reality dating show, but the potential pair initially gets to know each other without seeing how the other person looks. Now, you may think that last year's GOTY appeared on the show in the background or that one of the couples tried playing it; but it's actually way better – and subtle too.

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As spotted by parkenharbor on Twitter (thanks, Dexerto), on one of the episodes of season four, things seem to be going pretty well with Zack and Irina, as the two shared a meal face to face. Over the course of the meal, the topic of kids came up – specifically, names. Zack, evidently a fan of Elden Ring, subtly suggested some names that sounded awfully familiar.

“So before we were talking about names… What about Godfrey?” asked Zack. Unfortunately, Irina wasn't too fond of the name – or perhaps thought that the first Elden Lord would be too much to live up to. The suggestion was met with a simple "ew". He quickly tried his luck with Godrick, but she didn't like that either, saying she likes Zion – clearly a fan of The Matrix.

However, to Zack's delight, Irina did say that she likes Gideon. While Gideon isn't a bad name, there's a chance he might end up as a know-it-all. The comments section was filled with people joking about what Elden Ring boss they'd name their kids after – General Starscourge Radahn and Astel Naturalborn of the Void seem pretty popular.

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