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Ling Xiaoyu Officially Confirmed In Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer




Tekken 8 continues to reveal its roster with yet another franchise standby that has been in every Tekken Game since 3. Ling Xiaoyu just got her two-minute trailer showcasing her new look and a few new moves, including a brand-new Rage Art that sends her opponents spiraling.

It looks like the core of Xiaoyu remains the same since the early days, with plenty of wide swings that will connect against larger enemies from multiple angles. She also still has those dance-like combos that switch between high and low stances making them difficult to interrupt. Her trademark Art of Phoenix is also well represented in the trailer, which has been a staple stance since her very first appearance.

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In terms of looks, Xiaoyu still has the same hair and pigtails, but she now has a shorter dress while ditching her tights. Tekken 7's costume had frills around her sleeves to indicate her "dancing phoenix" moniker, but in Tekken 8 she'll have feathers around her dress and wings on her feet.

Her new Rage Art starts with a double-fisted blow to the stomach followed by an arm-bar grab that she twists to keep her opponent off-balance as she rains down blows. She finally ends with an open-palm strike to the solar plexus with a twist at the end to send her opponent flying--a definite reference to classic kung fu films.

With Xiaoyu, Tekken 8 now has ten confirmed characters, including Jin Kazama and his father Kazuya Mishima, Jack-8, King, Lars, Marshall Law, Nina, and Paul Phoenix. Jun Kazama, Jin's mother, was also just revealed yesterday as a playable character after appearing in the most recent cinematic trailer. Kazuya seems surprised to find her alive after her disappearance and presumed death, possibly setting up some story beats for Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 still doesn’t have a release date, but it’s believed to be due out before March 2024.

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