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Like A Dragon: Ishin Players Discuss How Much Time They've Spent In Another Life




Life is never easy for a samurai. Depending on the timer period, you could be fighting off an invasion by Khotun Khan or, more recently, joining a gang of killers masquerading as cops in order to find your father-figure's killer. Like a Dragon: Ishin proves that just walking down one street as a samurai could put you face to face with at least seven different groups of thugs. Thankfully, the game has a great way to unwind, and I'm not talking about fishing.

Another Life is one of the major optional Gameplay features in Ishin. It's essentially a farming simulator set within the Game itself. Characteristically bizarre story events result in Ryoma looking after a small farmstead. Like Stardew Valley, you can grow, harvest, and sell crops, decorate your house, and perform other farming sim tropes. It's a great way to get away from all the hacking and slashing, but also a great avenue to cultivate Virtue and earn money. It's completely optional, and you can choose to ignore it.


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However, it seems that the devs may have just made this part of the Game a little too good. It's barely been three days since the launch of Like a Dragon: Ishin, and players are already talking about spending way more time in Another Life than the actual campaign. As pointed out by GamesRadar, many players prefer Ryoma's relaxed life on the farmstead, rather than the dangerous one in the city. This has resulted in players spending hours building the farm in Another Life rather than hunting down the killer.

They have been taking to Twitter to talk about how engaging Another Life's Gameplay loop is, resulting in them spending hours together at the farm. This still works in their favour, as when they want to return to the campaign, they'll have more Virtue and Money than they'll even be able to spend.

Another Life is actually a good way to 'farm' resources to upgrade yourself if you ever feel like the combat is getting a bit too tough for you. It also acts as a great way to keep the Game from getting monotonous.

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