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Leon Can Still Be Decapitated In Resident Evil 4 Remake




Two weeks ahead of its full launch, Capcom has released a demo for Resident Evil 4 Remake. The first chance for those of you planning to pick up a copy to get a feel of the reimagined classic. One big takeaway so far is that Leon can still be decapitated. Good news for anyone seeking out elements of the original Game that have been kept in, bad news for those who don't like seeing their protagonists getting their heads chopped off.

If you've been following the remake's development, you'll know it looks pretty fantastic. With that in mind, brace yourselves before you scroll down and check the new death animation you can experience in its demo. Shared by rezeer11 on Resident Evil's subreddit, Leon is captured and as one man holds him back, another hacks away at his neck, needing two swings of the axe to get his head off.


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Yes, as you can see, with new-gen graphics, it is as horrific and gory as it sounds. Certainly a significant step up on the decapitation animation from the original version of the Game which was already bad enough to stick with me for almost two decades. If caught by someone wielding a chainsaw in Resident Evil 4, the enemy would proceed to use that weapon to cut off Leon's head.

Leon's brutal decapitation death scene from the RE4 remake demo from residentevil

The chainsaw route feels like a walk in the park compared to the above. As pointed out in the replies, it's difficult not to think about how Leon must feel when comparing the moments. The chainsaw version happened so quickly, Leon's head was gone before he knew what was happening. In the remake's axe animation, Leon is shown visibly aware of what is happening between those aforementioned axe swings.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will launch on March 24, by which point Capcom has promised a day one patch will be available to fix its rain. As well as the demo, which might not keep you entertained for long, there's also a text-based prequel to tide you over between now and launch day. Set before the events of the remake, the ARG is based around the abduction of the president's daughter and your recruitment to help get her back.

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