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Leaked Mario Movie Switch Bundle Has Three Old Games, But You Have To Pick One




The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now two days closer after its arrival in cinemas was brought forward. Hitting the big screen on April 5, Nintendo will be doing all it can to get people to go see it and capitalize on those who love it. That includes a special Switch bundle which will require customers to choose between some of the plumber's best Games on the platform.

A leaked image of the bundle has been shared by Nintendo Sphere. While how much the console is going to cost doesn't appear to have been revealed by the image, it does show the three Games you're going to need to choose between if you plan on picking the bundle up.

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While at first glance the packaging might make it seem as if you get three of the best-selling Mario Games on Switch with the bundle, which would be quite the deal depending on the price, you're actually going to have to choose between them. Either Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, or Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Quite the choice to make, although if you really want all three and you have the money to buy them, there is that option.

The Mario Movie bundle also appears to come with two red Joy-Con. Apt since that's the color of Mario's iconic uniform, but it might have been more appropriate for one of them to be green. It is technically The Super Mario Bros. Movie after all. Luigi needs love too, especially since he's the one recording the phone messages for his and Mario's plumbing company in the movie's Mushroom Kingdom.

News, whether official or leaked, about the movie is coming at an increased rate as its release date nears. The newest poster for the film includes a Donkey Kong Country easter egg, hinting DK will be getting his own movie if this one does big enough numbers, and its creators have been defending the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario again, claiming the actor makes perfect sense for the role.

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