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League Of Legends Reveals New "Simple And Straightforward" Champion, Milio




There are plenty of difficult-to-play champions in League of Legends, like Azir, Taliyah, and Yasuo, but easy characters are a little harder to come by. That's probably why Riot decided that LoL's next champion will be a back-to-basics character that's "simple and straightforward."

Enter Milio, the Gentle Flame. Milio hails from a remote village on the border of Ixtal, a nation of powerful mages. His family was banished long ago, but Milio's mastery of fire could be their ticket back to the capital city of Ixaocan to rejoin Ixtal's ruling class.

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Milio has set out on a journey to Ixaocan to prove his worth as a powerful mage, but he's not going alone. He's bringing his "Fuemigos" along with him--little fireballs that he's embued with the personalities of his family. They live in his backpack, which he calls his "furnasita," but they're constantly escaping to explore the world as much as Milio.

You can read more about Milio's backstory over on Riot's site, but let's get down to Business. Milio's abilities are simple yet potent and are perfect for the support player just learning the ropes. Milio's passive ability, Fire It Up!, enchants allies with extra fire damage that can burn enemies when they next launch an attack. His Q, Ultra Mega Flare Kick, kicks a ball of fire that knocks back enemies. The ball then launches upwards and slams down in an AOE that causes damage and slows opponents.

Milio's W ability, Cozy Campfire, creates an empowering zone that follows the ally closest to the casting point that both heals and increases the range of attacks from inside. Warm Hugs, Milio's E, throws a shield on an ally that improves their movement speed. And finally, Milio's ultimate ability creates a wave of flames that heals and removes crowd control effects from all allies within range.

We'll get to see more of Milio's abilities in a Gameplay trailer tomorrow. In the meantime, you can read Milio's letter to his family where he describes how awesome his journey has been so far.

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