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Laura Bailey Cried As Soon As She Saw The Last Of Us Set




Spoilers for HBO's The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2Craig Mazin has explained the process of getting The Last of Us' voice cast involved with the show, revealing their emotional reaction to seeing the set for the first time. In particular, Mazin says that Abby voice actor Laura Bailey cried as soon as she saw the set used for the hospital scene, saying that it was like walking into an "impossible, amazing VR adaptation."

This comes after Bailey was invited to play a nurse in the finale, witnessing Joel's murderous rampage on the Fireflies. This cameo saw Bailey witnessing the death of her character's father too, making the moment especially poignant.

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“Laura and Neil [Druckmann] are great friends and we’re like, ‘Want to be a nurse?'” says Mazin, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. "I took Laura on a tour of the halls of this hospital and she cried just looking at it … It’s a common thing that the people that had come from Neil’s Game world felt like they were stepping into this impossible, amazing VR adaptation."

For Bailey, the scene would have been particularly intense. Not only did she witness Joel killing a doctor to prevent them from creating a vaccine, but she was also watching the events that would lead to the story of The Last of Us Part 2. Without even knowing it, Joel just signed his death warrant - something that will ruin Ellie's life too.

Of course, it remains to be seen how HBO adapt this particular story. Unlike the first Game, Part 2 is much more non-linear and is told from two different perspectives. It will take some effort to get the impact of this shift to work for television, and given recent comments from Mazin, it seems that he and Druckmann are prepared to make some pretty significant changes to the source material to achieve the same result. And yet Druckmann is still teasing season 2 with Abby's arm, so it's safe to assume Joel will still meet the same fate when The Last of Us returns to our screens.

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