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Las Vegas Grand Prix track layout: Formula 1 on the strip




The Las Vegas Grand Prix is a planned Formula One Grand Prix due to form part of the 2023 Formula One World Championship, with the event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, on a temporary street circuit including the Las Vegas Strip. The first race is scheduled for November 18, 2023, and will mark the 1100th Formula One World Championship round.

This event will mark the first Formula One race in Las Vegas since the 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix. The event will take place around the Las Vegas Strip on a brand-new street track. It will be the third Grand Prix in the United States to take place on the 2023 calendar after the Miami and the United States Grands Prix and will mark the first time since 1982 that three races will be held in the United States in a Formula One season.

Las Vegas Grand Prix track layout

The street circuit is 6.201 km (3.853 mi) long, has 17 corners, and is 1.900 km (1.181 mi) straight. It runs counterclockwise, starting from a former parking lot that Formula One bought for $240 million and developed for the pits and paddock area, including a permanent track.

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The first corner is a hairpin, followed by a slight left bend, leading to a fast right turn. This transition marks the shift from the permanent circuit to the city streets. The cars then Travel down Koval Lane for 800 m (0.50 mi) before entering a slow 90-degree right. The track then leads to a long, sweeping left surrounding the new Sphere arena, followed by a left-right twisty section with slight modifications from the original design. The slightly faster left turn transitions onto Sands Avenue before going through two fast bends. The track then takes a slow left turn onto Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the Las Vegas Strip. The 1.900 km (1.181 mi) flat-out section with two straights and a slight sweeping left passes some of Las Vegas’s most famous hotels and casinos.

The circuit then goes through a tight series of slow corners onto Harmon Avenue, down an 800 m (0.50 mi) straight before going through a high-speed left turn to complete the lap and transition back to the permanent track past the pits.