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Lake Havasu Arizona Gold Specimen




This is the most incredible, 100% natural gold specimen we have ever had the privilege of offering from Arizona!

This Monster gold & quartz specimen is most likely the largest piece of natural gold that has been unearthed in North American so far. It was found in February 2020 with a Minelab SDC-2300 metal detector.

The very lucky finder told us it was about 16 inches deep, and as he was digging for it one corner of it became exposed. He then he very carefully continued to excavate it. It was found in the Lake Havasu area and weighs an astonishing 1184.70 grams or 38.09 troy ounces.

We have had a professional specific gravity test preformed on this specimen and it shows 527.91 grams or 16.97 troy ounces of very buttery yellow native Arizona gold contained. The specific gravity test documentation will be shipped with this specimen.