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Kylie Jenner matches with daughter Stormi, four, in gold and black Thierry Mugler gowns for blowout Kardashian Christmas Eve bash




Kylie Jenner and her four-year-old daughter Stormi matched outfits for the Kardashian Christmas Eve party. Though traditionally hosted by family matriarch Kris Jenner, the party has fallen into the hands of her various daughters in recent years. In anticipation of the extravaganza, Kylie, 25, posted some Insta Stories of her and Stormi in their complementary Thierry Mugler suits.

Her low-cut dress allowed her plunging cleavage to show off and was well suited to accentuate her majestic hourglᴀss frame. Her dark hair was pulled back into a curly bob reminiscent of the flapper era, and she sharpened her on-screen mermaid features with glossy, deep red lipstick. Kylie filmed a mirror selfie video with Stormi for a framed black and white pH๏τo of the pair together.

Adding an extra touch of retro chic to the proceedings, Kylie posted her Insta Stories video of Eartha Kitt’s original 1953 recording of Santa Baby. Khloe Kardashian’s social media posts have shed some light on the sensational luxury prepared for the pleasure of party-goers.

Guests enter through a series of cavernous corridors lined with crimson Christmas trees and adorned with sumptuously designed carPets. The baroque display includes shady mood lighting, a roaring fire and Christmas standards echoing in the background. Guests then enter a gigantic ballroom filled with heaps of seasonal sweets and plush chairs arranged in which they can collapse at will.

This year’s party was the brainchild of top event planner Mindy Weiss, who is also the woman behind the jaw-dropping StormiWorld birthday carnivals that Kylie continues to throw for her daughter.