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KSI Plans To Fight Either Jake Paul Or Tommy Fury Before He Retires This Year




KSI plans to "retire and go back to music" after revealing plans for three more fights in 2023, according to the YouTube star.

In a tentative schedule posted to Twitter, KSI confirmed fights on May 13, August 26, and December 16. The May fight will be Misfits Boxing title card 007, and according to Dexerto, is rumored to be against Joe Fournier, a former fitness entrepreneur that has since moved into the nightclub industry. August's fight will be Misfits 010 against the winner of YouTube's Kingpyn Tournament, which is scheduled to conclude in London on August 5.

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The final fight of KSI's career is still undetermined, but he dropped two names for Misfits card 013, both of whom are recent opponents of the other. Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul, the younger brother of YouTuber-turned-WWE wrestler Logan Paul, in a fight decided by split decision last month. Tommy is the younger brother of Tyson Fury, the current world heavyweight boxing champion.


Despite suffering his first loss, Jake Paul could be an equally difficult opponent for KSI. Having spent the past five years in professional boxing, Paul's first-ever defeat came at the hands of Fury just a few short weeks ago. A potential KSI vs. Jake Paul fight would also add an element of brotherly revenge for both fighters. KSI has defeated Logan Paul twice earlier in his career, while Jake Paul defeated KSI's younger brother, Deji Olatunji, in a bout back in 2018.

KSI has had a wildly successful boxing career that first began with fights against Joe Weller and Logan Paul and even founded Misfits Boxing in 2021. His last fight against FaZe Clan founder Temperrr ended in a decisive first-round knockout. But it seems like KSI may have gotten tired of throwing punches and instead plans to ride out his fame throwing rhymes. At least we'll have an action-packed 2023 for KSI to go out with a bang.

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