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Kratos Himself Is Telling You To Shut Up About Console Wars




Christopher Judge picked up the BAFTA for Performer in a Leading Role for his work as Kratos in God of War Ragnarok this week. Another chance for the actor to build on his memorable acceptance speech at The Game Awards since he was at the BAFTAs in person. Judge didn't have quite as much to say this time around, but he used the platform to send a message to Gamers, telling them they have more in common than they realize.

“Thank you to the fans. Be easier on each other. You all have more in common than what separates you,” Judge said while accepting his award (thanks, VGC). “No matter what platform you love, no matter what Game you love, you’re still part of the gaming community, and give each other a break.”

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That's coming directly from the star of one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives ever. Two of them, in fact. If someone as synonymous with PlayStation as Judge/Kratos thinks bickering over which console is best is silly, then maybe that's a sign you should stop arguing about it. As Judge says, if you love Games and own an Xbox Series X, you have an awful lot in common with someone who loves Games and owns a PS5.

kratos and atreus shaking hands in god of war ragnarok
via Santa Monica

In fact, other than one of you playing the odd exclusive like Ragnarok or Halo Infinite, you're probably playing the exact same Games for the most part too. Judge may have also been pulling from some of the abuse Santa Monica had to fend off during the final stretch of Ragnarok's development. Some eagerly anticipating the Game used social media to take aim at the Game's devs last summer due to a lack of news about the sequel.

It was implied by the team behind God of War and Ragnarok that the Norse saga of the series has now come to an end. However, the actor who played Tyr in the second Game has suggested there may be more to come, telling fans they've not seen the last of him. He may well have been referring to the God of War series which has been confirmed to be in the works at Amazon.

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