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Kratos Almost Had A British Voice In God Of War's Norse Saga




While doing vocal training for his role as Kratos in the Norse God of War saga, Christopher Judge initially gave the character a British accent due to a "miscommunication".

When Terrence C. Carson introduced the world to Kratos in the original God of War Games, he did so with a deep, gravelly American voice, something that Christopher Judge thankfully kept when he took over the role for the Norse saga. That almost wasn't the case, however, as a miscommunication in Judge's vocal training almost gave us a British Kratos.

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In a recent interview with IGN (thanks Push Square), Judge details the long journey he's had playing Kratos, from first auditioning for the character in mo-cap gear, to having to do a chemistry test with Sunny Suljic. Judge is then asked how he managed to find Kratos' voice, which prompts him to talk about one of his first days on set, where he accidentally started playing Kratos with a British accent after having done months of vocal training with that voice in mind.


Judge said, "I let (the voice) find me. Not many people know this - I actually went and did vocal training for months before we started, but it was with a British accent. So I guess there was some miscommunication somewhere down the road. Our first day on set, we were doing our first take and I see people whispering, and Cory walks over to me and says 'Is that a British accent?', and I said 'Apparently not a very good one if you have to ask me!'".

As great as it would have been to see a British Kratos, it was already a pretty big change to move the character to a new pantheon with a completely different voice actor and a son, so it's probably for the best that it didn't make it any further than the first day on set. Judge's performance is also one of the best parts of both the 2018 Game and Ragnarok, so we're glad it didn't change too much.

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