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Kingdom Hearts' Direction Was Changed After 20th Anniversary Event, Says Nomura




According to those who attended the Kingdom Hearts Second Breath concert in Tokyo last night, series creator Tetsuya Nomura appeared on stage and mentioned that something happened after the 20th-anniversary event that "determined the direction" of the series.

Last night in Tokyo, the final showings for the Kingdom Hearts Second Breath took place, giving fans of the series who were lucky enough to get tickets one last chance to hear orchestrated music from Games live, including a listen to a song from Kingdom Hearts 4, Reality in the Dark. It also featured a conversation between Tetsuya Nomura and Yoko Shimomura that has worried a few fans.

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According to Twitter user aibo_ac7, Tetsuya Nomura appeared on stage after the Second Breath concert and mentioned to one of the series' main composers, Yoko Shimomura, that something had happened after the 20th-anniversary event that "determined the direction" of the whole series, although he didn't go into further detail on what that meant.

Shimomura reportedly then seemed quite surprised at what Nomura had said, asking what had happened and if everything was okay now. Nomura then said he'd explain behind the scenes when the concert was over, leaving every Kingdom Hearts fan on the edge of their seats as we try and figure out what could have possibly happened.

It seems that whatever happened probably wasn't a good thing, however, as aibo_ac7 notes that their expressions indicated that something "terrible" had seemingly happened to the series, but noted that they seemed okay now. A comment underneath a video from The Gamers Joint about the incident coming from someone who was there noted that Nomura actually seemed quite happy when talking about the incident, so it's currently not clear what impact the situation will have.

Although most Kingdom Hearts fans are likely feeling pretty nervous about the series right now, it's worth noting that Missing Link seems to have had some good progress made on its development, so it's not something that's negatively impacting the whole series. We were also told back in 2022 that we wouldn't be seeing more of Kingdom Hearts 4 for some time, so it doesn't seem to have changed that. Whatever it is, we'll have to wait and see to find out.

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