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KFC’s cashless move in NSW restaurants sparks controversy




A cashless KFC branch in Morriset has sparked debate amid customers’ fears of a world without cash.

But it’s not the only KFC in the state to go cashless — at least two other restaurants in Lakehaven and North Wyong now also only accept card payments, in a move that has divided the internet.

Outside the Morriset restaurant on the south-west of Lake Macquarie, a large sign reads: “This restaurant is cashless. We accept card only. Thank you.”

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It was shared last week to a Facebook group with a 250,000-strong following by a Sydney man with the caption: “This was interesting to see.

“I thought this wouldn’t be allowed, and (that) cash would be accepted everywhere,” he wrote.

“How long do you think it will be before all shops and everything in-between stop cash transactions?”