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Kendall Jenner rocks ʙικιɴι top, baggy bottoms




Kendall Jenner,  looked confident and incredible in her latest modeling pH๏τos. The beauty posed for a pH๏τo shoot pop magazine and wore a black ʙικιɴι top under a tan and black leather vest and baggy pants with graphics for one pH๏τo and what appeared to be a raw meat dress. She had her hair down in both striking snaps as she hung outside under a blue sky.

She added a black baseball cap and black cowboy boots to the dress in the second pH๏τo and found herself on a golf course surrounded by animal statues, holding a golf club. In the first pH๏τo, she was perched on a yellow and red structure while palm trees hovered overhead. “Sunny weekend vibes ? ‘Golf ‘n’ Stuff’!” The caption accompanying the pH๏τos, posted to Instagram, read.

It wasn’t long before Kendall’s admirers took to the comments section to share compliments. “Mi amor Kendall,” one follower wrote, while another left several heart emojis. Another shared that she loved her boots and left some fire and heart eye emojis to show how gorgeous she looked. Kendall also shared a series of pH๏τos of herself in other outfits from the shoot on her own Instagram.

Kendall’s latest gorgeous pH๏τos come after she made headlines for admitting she felt “extremely overworked” in her 20s. “The things I’ve achieved, even my job, at one point when I was younger I decided I wanted to be a model. I didn’t quit until I was 24, then I was like, ‘Okay, I guess I need to take it down a notch,’” she said on an episode of Intentionally.

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“The core five years of it were extremely overworked, not my happiest – not because I wasn’t doing what I loved – but simply because I was overwhelmed and felt like I was saying yes to everything, because I was really, really grateful and truly honored to be in the position that I was in,” she added. “So I always said yes and it took a lot out of me, to the point where I just wasn’t happy anymore, and so I had to set those boundaries for myself by the time I was about 23/24.”