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Kendall Jenner flaunts her tight tummy on the cover of Chaos SixtyNine’s Poster Book along with pal Gigi Hadid




They just walked alongside one another at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Now, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are both gracing the cover of the second issue of the Chaos SixtyNine Magazine.

The 23-year-old models both tapped into their darker and edgier sides for their covers.

The magazine is actually a poster book that features over 100 posters to tear out and hang.

Both Kendall and Gigi are each featured separately in a total of four different covers.

In the first of Kendall’s, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star showcased her taught tummy as she posed bra-less wearing an unʙuттoned mens jacket a pair of driving gloves.

The star’s stunning face was covered by a white and black handkerchief tied over her mouth and she rested her hands artfully over her head.


A pair of mens slacks sat low on Kendall’s slim hips and the pants were left undone and folded over.

On her second cover, the leggy brunette was sH๏τ in a side profile in a black and white image.

She looks a bit like a vagrant dressed in nothing but boots that are several sizes too big, a ginormous wool coat and a body suit.


The pH๏τo depicts the beauty with her hair in a messy bun, arching her back as she chugs a bottle of beer with no hands.

For her good pal Gigi Hadid’s covers, the starlet was a bit more reserved.

One features an extreme closeup of the California girl’s freckled face and blue eyes that were rimmed with a chalky aqua mascara.

‘WATCHIN U,’ Gigi wrote about the cover in social media.

And, her second cover showcased some serious girl power.

In the image, the sister of Bella Hadid stood at a riverbank in an industrial area dressed in baggy orange coveralls and a platinum blond wig.

Over her shoulders, Gigi has hoisted model Mica Arganaraz who appears mostly ɴuᴅᴇ with the exception of some red strappy heels.

The poster book’s premiere issue last year featured model and actress Cara Delevingne.