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Kai Cenat Wins Streamer Of The Year At The Streamer Awards




In a night filled with anticipation and excitement, Kai Cenat was crowned Streamer of the Year at the most recent Streamer Awards. The ceremony took place earlier this week on March 11, marking the second ever entry in this annual event. The win has been described by many as being well deserved, capping one of the streamer’s most successful years in recent memory.

Kai Cenat started out by surpassing xQc as the streamer with the most concurrent subscribers on Twitch, going on to challenge Ludwig for the greatest total number of followers, reaching more than 283,067 subscribers by the end of his recently held subathon. The influencer also welcomed a series of high profile guests onto his channel including Ice Spice, 21 Savage, Drake, and more.


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The content creators xQc, Jerma985, and Hasanabi were also nominated for Streamer of the Year, but Kai Cenat has long been seen as the most likely influencer to win the award. While the streamer was unable to attend the ceremony, Kai Cenat still had some words to say about the win. “God, I did it again, you feel what I’m saying,” the streamer said in a short video. “I want to go ahead and thank god first before anything, thank my family and friends, and thank anyone who helped me with this whole thing. I just want to say that I appreciate anyone who cast me a vote.”

The award is a testament to all of the hard work, dedication, and especially time which Kai Cenat has put in over the course of this past year. His latest achievement is a clear indication that Kai Cenat is a force to be reckoned with among the growing community of streamers. With more exciting content and collaborations on the way, fans and followers can expect to see even more from Kai Cenat in the years to come.

The other big winners at the Streamer Awards include Aceu, TenZ, xQc, and Hasanabi for Best FPS Streamer, Gamer of the Year, Best Variety Streamer, and Best Just Chatting Streamer, respectively. The event largely went off without a hitch even despite some last minute hiccups. According to host QTCinderella, several different streamers, influencers, and content creators wound up canceling their appearances, possibly even Kai Cenat.

“The amount of streamers and nominees that have canceled on me today has been disheartening,” QTCinderella said only hours before the ceremony. “It’s too late to change the seating chart and stuff like that and I’m just sad. Just everyone know that I did my very best to get everyone here.”

QTCinderella previously explained why the Streamer Awards truly matter, noting that “a lot of people think ‘oh, these are big streamers and their audience celebrates them.’ No,” the content creator exclaimed. “Having your peers recognize you is so important. It’s an important thing in life to be recognized.” The influencer went on to explain that “it’s the collaborations that it sparks. It’s the relationships that it sparks. It’s squashing the beef.”

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