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Kai Cenat Overtakes Ludwig As Twitch's Most-Subbed Streamer




Thanks to his February subathon, Kai Cenat has become Twitch's most subscribed streamer, with over 300,000 active subscribers as of the time of writing.

Over the past month, Kai Cenat has been hosting a subathon on his channel, which essentially means that he continues streaming for as long as viewers keep subscribing to him. The subathon started at the beginning of the month and has managed to break several records, including the previous subathon record held by Ludwig, who managed to get 283,066 subscribers in 2021.

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Not only has Cenat beaten that record, but at 305,344 subscribers as of the time of writing (thanks Twitch Tracker), Cenat is now also the most-subscribed streamer on the whole platform. Dexerto managed to capture the moment when Cenat hit 300,000 subscribers yesterday, which shows him screaming and celebrating on stream. As he should, for such a huge moment.

Ludwig responded positively to Cenat breaking his record but also managed to throw a little shade at Twitch while doing so, tweeting, "Congrats to Kai Cenat for breaking the all-time subscriber record. Very deserved. Twitch, now pay the man before you lose another record breaker". This is, of course, in reference to other big-name streamers who have since left the platform, like DrDirespect and, more recently, Adin Ross, to name a few.

It's been nothing short of a meteoric rise to the top for Cenat, who started streaming on Twitch in February 2021 and averaged around 5,000 viewers after just a few months. Since then, Cenat has become not only the most subscribed streamer on the platform, but one of the most recognisable streamers of all time, recently winning the Streamer of the Year award at the YouTube Streamy Awards.

It's worth noting that, since many of the new subs that Cenat earned over his subathon were gifted, his massive 300,000 subscriber count is going to drop at some point as the gifted subs expire. Even still, it's a huge accomplishment for the streamer, and he'll likely remain at the top for some time.

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