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Journalist Says He's Adin Ross' Brother, Goes After Andrew Tate, Gets Suspended




In what is perhaps the strangest crossover we've seen in a while, journalist and Marvel's Avengers leaker Miller took to Twitter yesterday to claim that he is actually Adin Ross' half-brother. Yes, the same Adin Ross who just got slapped with his eighth Twitch ban, and is perhaps best known as a loyal disciple of accused sex trafficker, Andrew Tate.

It's this issue that apparent half-brother Miller took issue with. In a lengthy Twitter thread, Miller claimed that their family has been torn apart since Adin became a vehement Tate defender and adopted his misogyny. This was met with an outpouring of sympathy and was reported on in news outlets. Then, Adin denied that Miller was even his brother, and the whole thing was a mess.

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Now, less than 24 hours after making the initial thread, Miller has been suspended from Twitter, and we have no idea why. This means that his initial tweet thread is gone, leaving us with far more questions than answers. Of course, multiple people saved it in the Wayback Machine, immortalising this unexpected exchange between a Marvel Game leaker and a controversial Twitch streamer/aspiring sigma male or whatever.

"I am Adin Ross’ half-brother. This is not a joke, and a few of you already knew," said Miller, opening his Twitter thread. "He was banned from Twitch yesterday and has been making erratic career and life decisions since meeting Andrew Tate."

A Twitter post that reads: Fame came to Adin really fast when he was still a teenager, so our whole family (including my mom) have worked hard to keep certain people away from him and keep him on the right path. We’ve always been a team like that and there’s never been a problem before.

He goes on, apparently explaining how Ross got involved with Tate. "Last year, my brother started talking to the controversial influencer Andrew Tate online. Adin had just gone through a bad breakup with this girl Pami and was really vulnerable. I showed our dad some of Tate’s content and he got really worried."

Miller then says that Adin cut ties with family members who tried to stop him from visiting Tate. He says he "doesn't even know who he is anymore", and calls him out for his misogynistic views since becoming friends with Tate.

A Tweet that reads: If I have to hear my father cry over Adin one more time, I swear to god. It’s strained our relationship now too because I don’t wanna hear about Adin anymore. I’m so tired of this bullshit. The Kanye West thing alone caused so much drama. And for what? For clout? It’s insane.

But as detailed as this thread is, Adin is outright denying that Miller is even his brother.

"Fake news. That’s not my brother," said Adin, replying to a report about the matter. "You blogs post dumb stuff for interactions, pick and choose me for what?" He then goes on to be transphobic with absolutely no prompting.

At the time of writing, it doesn't seem that there's been any development on the matter since then - aside from Miller's Twitter suspension. It's worth noting that, at least going by the Wayback Machine, Miller changing his Twitter name to "Miller Ross" was a fairly recent development. There was also no previous mention of the two being brothers.

But to anyone who has followed Miller's work for the past few years, this will come as a surprise. He always had a reputation for being the most reliable source for Marvel's Avengers news, breaking several big stories before anyone else. He is hardly a random Twitter user, and he never seemed to crossover into the Twitch drama scene. We'll have to wait and see what happens with this story, and if he ever gets his Twitter account back.

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