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Joe Biden Says UFOs Have Nothing To Do With China And US Senator Warns: People Prepare And “Lock The Doors”




By now you already know about the wave of UFOs around the world and we invite you to read our latest news on the subject. But it’s not over yet, it’s just begun. US President Joe Biden has spoken publicly about the recent wave of unidentified flying objects, saying there is no evidence that the latest three downed aerial objects are related to surveillance operations by a foreign nation.

“We still don’t know exactly what these three objects were,” Biden said. “But nothing at this point suggests that they were related to China’s spy balloon program or that they were any other country’s surveillance vehicles. The intelligence community’s current assessment is that these three objects were mostly balloons attached to private companies, recreational or research institutions. study the climate or carry out other scientific investigations”.

This last explanation is just speculation in an attempt to minimize the incidents, since until now nobody knows the origin of these objects that are crossing all points of the planet. Biden also sought to send the message that the United States is not seeking a new Cold War with China, saying he looked forward to speaking with Chinese President Xi Jinping, although he did not confirm when such a conversation would take place. However, the US president also said that he did not apologize for shooting down the alleged spy balloon.

They have nothing to do with China

The president’s speech at the White House came as the administration continues to work to identify the nature and origin of several objects the Pentagon has dropped into US airspace this month. An earlier object, shot down off the coast of South Carolina, was determined to be a Chinese spy balloon and part of what the Biden administration is saying is part of a larger surveillance operation.

The administration is still looking for three subsequent objects shot down over US and Canadian airspace this month. But Biden said “nothing” at this point suggests these later objects are related to Chinese or any other country’s surveillance operations. He also noted that part of the reason the US is seeing more of these objects is because the Military has recently increased the sensitivity of its radars.

“We have no evidence that there has been a sudden increase in the number of objects in the sky,” explained the president. “Now we’re seeing more of them in part because of the measures we’ve taken to increase our radars, to reduce our radars. And we have to keep adapting our approach to meet these challenges.”

It is clear that Biden is trying to end the controversy, but his statements differ from his actions, as a new interagency group has been created to define a strategy for moving forward on how to deal with UFOs. Although the president stressed on Thursday that he will not hesitate to shoot down aerial objects that pose a threat.

“Make no mistake,” Biden stressed. “If any item poses a threat to the safety of the American people, I will remove it.”

People must prepare

The Biden administration has been informing members of Congress about UFOs, and members of both parties have demanded transparency and answers. Even a Louisiana senator advised citizens to “lock the doors” after a confidential briefing to lawmakers about the unidentified objects dropped this past weekend.

Speaking to the media after the news broke, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said that so far authorities have been unable to locate the remains of the three unidentified objects, except for the alleged spy balloon.

“It is clear to me that this is not a recent phenomenon,” Kennedy told reporters, adding that this has been going on since at least 2017. Concluding his remarks to the assembled media, Kennedy added, “Close your doors tonight. Ten days ago we were led to believe that our skies are clear, but now we have unidentified objects and Chinese spy balloons raining down on us like confetti.”

The controversial video

But it doesn’t end here. A video was shared on social media on Wednesday and Thursday showing President Biden making remarks to the American people.

“As Commander-in-Chief of the United States Joint Forces, I am here today to inform you that multiple unidentified flying objects have appeared in many parts of our country,” said Biden. “While their exact origin has yet to be fully determined, the FBI has informed me that it is very likely that they are visitors of an extraterrestrial nature. I advise the American people to stay calm, not panic and wait for further announcements. We will overcome this threat, with confidence and vigilance. May God protect our souls.”

Needless to say, millions of netizens saw the video through TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. Now, fact-checking news agencies quickly offered an explanation for the shocking and historic speech. Reuters, one of the media outlets that verified the video, suggested that some form of voice cloning software was likely used in its production, which experts often call “superficial spoofing” due to poor quality.

“While voice cloning is quite effective, video tampering is quickly identified as fake,” Dominic Lees, associate professor of film at the University of Reading in England, told Reuters.

The expert pointed to a time around 00:22, after the phrase “extraterrestrial nature visitors”. Immediately after this sentence, he said that the audio speech stops while the deepfake president’s lips continue to move. And, of course, the controversy is served, as no media seems to fully confirm that the video is a hoax, which is why some consider it to be a real presidential speech that would have leaked through social networks. So if so, it would confirm that the Mysterious objects that are appearing in our skies are indeed extraterrestrial in origin. Now we just have to know their true intentions.

What do you think about UFO incidents around the world? Are they really of extraterrestrial origin?