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Jennie Brought to Tears at the BLACKPINK’s Fan Signing Event




Jennie showed what “staying professional” meant at the recent BLACKPINK’s fan signing event, but when one of her fans showed support, she almost broke down in tears.

On the 25th, BLACKPINK held a fan signing event to commemorate the release of their 2nd full album BORN PINK, meeting with their Korean fans after a long time. On this day, all four girls greeted their fans with a bright smile, spending time communicating with each and every one of them.In particular, Jennie, who is suffering from the constant pH๏τo leaks, stayed professional, greeting her fans more actively than ever before.

But later that day, one fan wrote on Twitter, “I told her we’ll support her no matter what she does, so she should just look ahead and always be herself and just be cool. And Jennie got all choked up and said, ‘Don’t make me cry.’” Along with the caption, a clip of her almost bursting into tears also drew attention.

The day after the event, Jennie took to her Instagram Story to express her graтιтude. “I was so happy to meet BLINKs today. I’ll pluck up and work harder. Thank you,” she wrote. She also commented on her pH๏τos, “This is a Jen-Kitty (pose) I learned today” and “A heart for our BLINKs.”