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Japan Is Losing Yet Another Legendary Arcade




The arcade Business has been in decline for a while as it has become easier to Game from home over the course of the past 35 years. The arcade scene in Japan, in particular, was dealt its heftiest body blow yet by the pandemic though, the after-effects of which are still starting to show through. Now it has been revealed yet another legendary Japanese arcade will be shuttering for good later this month.

Warabi's Daytona 3 arcade will close its doors on March 26, reports Time Extension. The news that the arcade won't be around much longer appears to have been broken by a notice on its front door. That notice has since been shared far and wide on social media. Reactions from those who have been to the arcade, or simply admired it from afar, have been sharing memories, reminding Gamers that a number of records were set and broken on its machines.

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Unlike other arcades in Japan to have closed recently, it currently remains unclear whether there is any sort of video Game future for the building in which the Daytona 3 arcade resides. Sega's iconic Akihabara arcade was recently given a second chance under Bandai Namco. The studio will be opening its own arcade inside the same location, allowing it to live on in pretty much the same way.

There was also good news for Sega's Ikebukuro arcade as even though it was shut down in 2021, a similar location opened up right across the street shortly after it closed. Proof that despite the recent run of closures, Japan's once-thriving arcade culture isn't entirely dead yet.

Bandai Namco and Sega aren't the only studios that continue to invest in arcades. Capcom revealed a Street Fighter VR Game last month which is currently only available to play in one Japanese arcade. In fact, there are only plans to launch the Game in one other arcade with no mention of it ever getting a home release. If you want to thirst over, and get spun around by, Zangief in VR, you'll need to go to an arcade.

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