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It Looks Like CDPR And Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski Are Friends Again




This week, the author of The Witcher novels visited the CD Projekt Red studio. While interesting to see the two worlds collide, you may be asking why this is exactly newsworthy. Well, for the past few years, the author and the gaming studio have very publicly been at odds over issues stemming from the Game series' creation.

CD Projekt Red took to Twitter to share some photos of Andrzej Sapkowski’s visit. They called the trip a “thrilling experience and a privilege”. However, a few years ago, this meeting of minds felt impossible.

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Back in 2018, it was reported that the Polish author was demanding $16 million in copyright royalties. Initially, Sapkowski agreed to a lump sum payment for CDPR to use The Witcher rights. believing the Games would not be a success. Cut to millions of sales later, and the author changed his mind. However, both parties eventually reached a deal.


But that isn't even the full picture. In 2016, Sapkowski aired separate Game-related grievances. Specifically, he seemed upset at how the Games' success caused issues for him within the publishing world. “The Game has caused me a lot of stink and shit … because the foreign publishers started to use the graphics of the Game on the covers," reads a translation of what Sapkowski said at an event.

He continued: "People rejected the book, saying that it is not new, it is Game-related. In the sense that a book was written for the Game, which – especially in the fantasy genre – we have plenty. I had to fight to prove who was the first."

So, what caused the two to bury the hatchet? It is currently unclear, but it is nice to see the two parties getting along - for now.

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