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International Lefthanders Day (August 13th)



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From scissors to knives, from can openers to cork screws, Left Handers (also sometimes called Southpaws) can be the brunt of jokes all year long due to their unique hand dominance.

But this is the day to ignore all of that and bring awareness to all of those right handed folks around the globe in celebration of Left Handers Day. After all, as the old saying goes– right handed people operate on the left side of the brain, which means that left handed people are functioning on the right side. Therefore, only left handed people are in their right mind!

It’s time to take a look at Left Handers Day!

History of Left Handers Day

Celebrating its first year of existence in 1976, the Lefthanders International organization helped raise awareness to the myriad of difficulties that can be faced by people who are left handed.

Being accused of witchcraft in the 1600s for just using one hand more than the other, was only the beginning! Since only 10 percent of the population is left handed, various items made especially for those who are left-handed are typically more expensive than their right handed counterparts.

Objects such as scissors, knives and even school desks can see a mark up of almost 75 percent more for left handed individuals! Even Sports fanatics will pay out the nose, as Golf clubs sometimes see as much as a 200 percent increase depending on their brand.

But even though it can be difficult and, admittedly, a bit more expensive, those left handers in the world are certainly unique and interesting people. And this is the perfect day to celebrate them!

How to Celebrate Left Handers Day

Celebrating Left Handers Day is a fun and simple way to acknowledge the unique position of those whose dominant hand is their left. Try celebrating in these ways:

Brag About Being Left Handed

For those who are left handed, today is the day to celebrate and enjoy! Wear a left-handers t-shirt or make a proud post on social media. Embrace this special quality and show that pride in being left handed!

Appreciate a Left Handed Person

Those who aren’t left handed can contact those friends and family members who are left handed and give them a congratulatory hug for the struggles they have faced in their lifetimes! Tell them how interesting they are and how much they are appreciated for their contributions to the world. Take them to lunch or coffee and offer to try eating with the opposite hand to see what it’s like.

Try “Walking a Mile In Their Shoes”

Okay, well maybe their shoes would be the same. But how about their scissors, or knives or guitars or computer mouse? Take some time to feel the pain of a left hander living in a right handed world by sharing in their difficulties. This can be done easily enough by asking them to borrow their left handed scissors and then using them with the right hand! Just the discomfort alone tends to be enough to bring people around to understanding.

In addition, learning to throw a ball or write on a desk designed for a right handed person is difficult for a Southpaw, so why not swap the table on them and sit them at a left handed student desk to write some things down with their right hand?

Introduce individuals to the inherent difficulties of using a left handed paring knife in their right hand. Or show them how coffee mugs are made with the picture and writing so one would have to use the cup in the right hand in order to make use of it as it was intended. Take a look at a computer mouse–which is intended for a right handed person–and see how difficult it becomes without knowing how to swap it to the left handed mode.

Tell Some Left Handed Jokes

But whatever is done, don’t forget the fun jokes and fun facts surrounding the idea that left handed people are better (or at least more unique!) than right handed people.

For instance, remind those nearby that everyone is born right handed, but only the greatest overcome it! Or tell a friend that it is believed that octopuses only have one right hand. Or that polar bears are believed to be primarily left handed.