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Insider Suggests Switch 2 Announcement Could Happen Later This Year




Gaming insider Jeff Grubb has responded to recent rumours of a successor to the Nintendo Switch and confirmed that he's heard some unverified claims of an announcement later this year.

Over the past few days, rumours of a successor to the Switch have started picking up again, giving everyone horrible flashbacks to years of hearing about the Switch Pro. The most recent rumour came from a leaker who managed to get all of the details right from the most recent Pokemon Presents, who said that Scarlet & Violet will get a graphics update on "new Switch models".

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As pointed out by ResetEra user Lant_War, gaming insider Jeff Grubb has responded to these rumours on his Last of the Nintendogs podcast. Grubb states that the rumour of a graphical upgrade for Scarlet & Violet makes some sense with new hardware and that he's heard some unverified claims that the Switch 2 could be announced later this year.

Jeff Grubb says he has heard rumors of a Switch 2 annoucement in Late 2023, says that there is also a 45% chance it could release this year. (Unverified Rumor) from GamingLeaksAndRumours

Grubb said, "It's almost more frustrating to hear this yet again, to hear more evidence that a new Switch is happening yet again. Unconfirmed, I haven't been able to verify it, I am once again hearing yes, later this year". Grubb then stressed that he hasn't yet been able to verify the claim and that it seems that even Nintendo doesn't know what it's doing with a Switch successor just yet, so it's best to consider it as just a rumour for now.

Although a "Super Switch" announcement happening later this year might seem like a big swing from Nintendo, it's worth noting that this rumour does line up with other recent rumours over the past few months. Most recently, several insiders claimed that the Switch Pro was, at one point, in development, but that work on it was stopped so that Nintendo could focus on a current-gen system.

A recent rumour also suggested that Nintendo is skipping E3 this year because it simply doesn't have enough Games that are far enough in development to show off, which would suggest a move to a new console generation is currently in progress.

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