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‘I’m back in my jeans’: New mum Shakira talks to HELLO! Fashion




Shakira may have only welcomed her second child in January, but she is already back in her jeans. Speaking exclusively to HELLO! Fashion, the mum-of-two said she managed to fit back into her trusty denim only two weeks previously, after being limited to wearing “sweat pants” for the past few months.

“For a while I could only wear sweat pants because I was that intermediate size that you’re not a small, you’re not a large,” the new mum revealed. “But right now I’m back in my jeans which is good news! But only from two weeks ago I got back in my jeans. Before it was quite sad, I couldn’t even get in past my knees.”

She may describe herself as a “jeans kinda girl”, but Shakira was looking decidedly more glamorous when we joined her at the stunning Can Bonastre wine resort on the outskirts of Barcelona. The Colombian beauty highlighted her famous physique in a chic black blazer and shorts, adding height to her peтιтe 5’2″ frame with platform Christian Louboutin boots.

However despite her head-turning public appearances, Shakira insists her day-to-day style is a lot more relaxed.

“If it was up to me I would just wear jeans and t-shirts, even to red carpets, but then no-one would pH๏τograph me so that would make me very sad,” she laughed. “So you know, I’ve gotta keep up with the rest of the female population and sometimes try a little harder.”

Shakira says she’s a “jeans kinda girl” despite her glamorous red carPet style

The Waka Waka singer also shared the details of her “very simple” beauty routine.

“I don’t overcomplicate things much more than what they are because I don’t have the time to go to spas and get beauty treatments or stuff like that. That’s not made for people like me who are so busy right now.

“What I do is I remove my make-up every night, use a little bit of Vitamin C serum and that’s it pretty much. Of course I use my 3D White products!”

The 38-year-old currently lives in Barcelona with her partner, footballer Gerard Piqué, and their two sons – Milan, two, and Sasha, three months. Living on the Mediterranean coast means there is one beauty product in particular Shakira can’t live without: “Sun block. With pregnancy and nursing, the hormones mean your skin tends to be more sensitive to the light, so it’s very important to use sun block every day.

Admitting that she ate “so much” during her pregnancy, Shakira said that she has since stepped up her exercise routine and is watching what she eats in a bid to get back to her pre-baby weight.

“It just takes discipline and commitment and a little bit of self-restraint with food, which I love so much. But you know I still eat a lot, but just eat nutritious food and not anything excessively fattening or stuff like that.

“I just keep an eye on what I eat and exercise regularly,” she explains.

As for her exercise routine, Shakira likes to keep it varied. “I change it up every day so I don’t get bored. I do a little bit of boxing, some dancing, sometimes tennis or I go to the gym.”

However the singer does allow herself a treat from time to time.

“Chocolate,” she says with a smile. “I’m a chocaholic!”