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Humble Bundle For Turkey-Syria Relief Provides $1000-Worth Of Games For $30




Last month, a devastating series of earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria. The destruction claimed the lives of over 50,000 people and left many thousands more without food, water, or shelter. It’s a humanitarian crisis on a scale few can comprehend, and it’s still ongoing almost a month later.

Gaming communities from all over the world have come together to raise money for relief efforts in Turkey and Syria, with Destiny 2 developer Bungie raising over $200,000 and Eve Online players raising thousands more. And now, we can add Humble to the list with its new Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle.

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The Humble Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle contains 72 items with an estimated total value in excess of $1,000 USD. You can get all of it for just $30, with all proceeds going to "Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, and Save the Children in support of their ongoing Türkiye-Syria quake relief efforts."

There are quite a few titles here that any Gamer would be happy to own, including XCOM 2, Payday 2, System Shock 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Guilty Gear X2 Reload. A lot of twos there, but we also have a few great originals with Ghostrunner and Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Plus Edition. Even Gotham Knights is in this bundle, which goes to show how much Warner Bros. cares about this Game if it's giving it away for almost nothing, but hey, I've heard they've fixed most of the technical problems by now.

There are a ton of great indie Games in here too, including Space Crew: Legendary Edition, Remnants of Naezith, Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DX, The Inner World, Cris Tales, and The Amazing American Circus, as well as specifically Turkish Games like Cats and the Other Lives, Pill Baby, Soulflow, Rym 9000, and Izmir: An Independence Simulator. Not into video Games? Paizo has offered up Starfinder's core rule book as well as its Junker's Delight adventure. And don't forget all 10 digital volumes of Saga are in this bundle too.

So far, Humble has raised almost $850,000 and there's still most of a week to go. You've got just over six days to spend at least thirty bucks on the Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle before it's gone for good.

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