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Humanity Launching Demo Today Ahead Of May 2023 Release




Humanity is releasing a demo today ahead of its May 2023 launch. It's an indie from Enhance, the developer behind Tetris Effect, that sees you playing a glowing white dog guiding crowds of people through liminal block environments as you solve puzzles.

The dog is a Shiba Inu (AKA the same breed as Doge), and the idea is to guide humans to the end goal of each stage. In total, there are 90 story mode levels, as well as "Elaborate boss stages", but if that's not enough, you can make your own and play across a "Library of User-made Stages", Super Mario Maker-style.

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It can be played on "TV or in VR", though we didn't get a glimpse at what the VR version of the Game would look like during its announcement in State of Play. Given that you'll be neck-deep in huge crowds of humans, hence the name, it probably won't be first-person, but more akin to a cinema screening via your headset. That, or it'll be a much harder experience.

It launches on PS4, PS5, PlayStation VR, PS VR 2, and Steam in May 2023, according to its website. And that same website states that the dog we play as wasn't originally a dog, "I awoke one morning to find I was a dog". We're also trapped at the end of the world and everyone has turned into mindless husks - it's a bit bleak, but man's best friend is there to guide 'em.

You use a "woof" command to lead your followers. They can jump, turn, float, shoot, and climb, but there are obstacles, enemies, puzzles, and unlockable skills. The enemies are "the Others", but rather than trying to wipe them out or run away, "perhaps there's a way to resolve the conflict."

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