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‘Home Alone’ Star Macaulay Culkin Got Slammed After Gaining Some Weight




Macaulay Culkin playing resort staff at Brenda Song’s birthday getaway has everyone talking online. People are buzzing about his new look, as his physique drew a wave of reactions and some bad comments.

Amidst laughter and cheer, Macaulay Culkin, the beloved star of Home Alone at 43, recently delighted fans with a whimsical display alongside his fiancée, Brenda Song. Sharing a delightful array of snapshots on Instagram, the couple celebrated Song’s birthday in style at the luxurious Nobu resort in Los Cabos.

In the images, Culkin playfully assumed various staff personas, from a poolside server to a jovial bellhop, all in good spirits. The accompanying caption humorously revealed that his impromptu “employment” was inspired by a shirt he stumbled upon in the resort’s gift shop, sparking a wave of both admiration and playful banter among their followers.

“Since now I looked like the staff I decided to spend my four days there masquerading as a: Poolside waiter, Housekeeper, Cabana boy, Room service attendant, Bellhop,” Macaulay wrote. He also gave a shoutout to the resort for the awesome stay, jokingly mentioning how the shirt made him feel like he fit right in.

Among all the posts celebrating Brenda’s special day, Macaulay’s comedic one stole the spotlight, but not without sparking a conversation about his weight. “Looks like you put on a few pounds there, huh,” noted one social media user, which triggered an outpouring of support from fans defending the actor.

“Being happy in your life with your family does that sometimes!” exclaimed one fan, while another emphasized the naturalness of physical changes, stating, “He is alive isn’t he?! If he was too skinny like he was, people [would] be judging him on that. This is what happens when most get clean. They gain weight. He is so happy now. Let him enjoy his life.”

Apart from his talents as an actor, Macaulay also shines as a devoted companion to his love, Brenda Song.

Playground craze leaves 11-year-old boy “looking like an alien” – mom issues warning for parents

no to something that sounds dangerous.

Unfortunately, children are susceptive to peer pressure and the like; even the most intelligent of youngsters can be coerced andfmconvinced to partake in stunts that promise dire consequences.

Just ask the parents of 11-year-old Tyler Broome, who suffered horrific injuries after trying a YouTube craze known as ‘the roundabout of death’.

Yes, the name alone pretty much tells you the salient facts of the matter, but for Tyler it wasn’t so much an incredibly dangerous stunt as a way to show his friends how fearless he was.

The 11-year-old thereafter sustained injuries consistent with those seen in fighter pilots, after bein subjected to extreme gravitational force (G-force).

The craze he participated in – known as the ’roundabout of death’ – sees participants sitting in the middle of a playground roundabout whilst it’s spun at high speed using the rear wheel of a motorcycle.

Shortly after the ordeal, Tyler was found unconscious near the roundabout, left with possible damage to his brain and vision.

Extreme force

It’s believed he was subjected to the sort of G-force usually only encountered by pilots and astronauts.

It’s reported that Tyler was at a local park with a friend when they were approached by a group of older teenagers who dared them into the Game.

Terrifying ordeal

“I don’t recognise my child – he is on the verge of having a stroke. Tyler sat on the roundabout, and the boy who came over was about 17. Tyler doesn’t know him, they are not friends,” his mom Dawn said, per British newspaper The Independent.

“He puts his motorbike on the floor, gets the roundabout spinning at such a speed. When they all stopped, the group just cleared off – it is bullying.”

Dawn claimed that hospital staff had never seen such injuries and had to do research before they were able to begin treating her son.

“The injuries were so extreme, he just looked like the Elephant Man. They have never seen it before, they are going to make a medical report from it.

“His head has completely swelled up, his blood vessels have burst, his eyes look alien. His vision is blurry. You can manage a broken arm but this? He doesn’t remember it, he doesn’t remember the detail.”

Parents, please always bear in mind that children are susceptible to trying things we adults would stay well clear of.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to young Tyler and his family. Share this story to spread the warning over an incredibly dangerous Game.