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Hideo Kojima Has Partnered With Musician Woodkid, Likely On Death Stranding 2




If you ask anyone who loved Death Stranding what one of the most important parts of the Game was, chances are the soundtrack would be answer. Death Stranding includes a lot of walking around, though the incredible soundtrack that kicks in during certain portions of the Game elevated those moments to make them incredibly memorable. Low Roar's song Don't Be So Serious, which kicks in close to the start of the Game, is a prime example of how songs were perfectly used throughout Sam's journey across the US.

With the sequel announced, Hideo Kojima is no doubt gathering up as many talented musicians as possible for some more excellent tracks. That's why the creator's newly announced partnership with French artist Woodkid is turning heads, and Kojima knows full well that people expect the musician's work to show up in Death Stranding 2 now. The partnership was revealed on Kojima's podcast series Brain Structure, which Woodkid then shared via his Twitter account.


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While it's not actually been confirmed that Woodkid will be featured in Death Stranding 2, Kojima commenting that "I'm sure you can all guess" what they're partnering on pretty much confirms it. Obviously, Death Stranding 2 isn't the only thing that Kojima Productions has in the works at the moment, but Death Stranding 2 is the only thing that's been officially announced so far, and it would be strange for Kojima to comment on a leaked project that readily.

If you've never heard of Woodkid, the artist has a pretty unique style and has composed a variety of songs over the past decade. More notably, he recently wrote a piece of music for the Paris 2024 passover at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and was responsible for the music behind that amazing trailer for Assassin's Creed Revelations that I'm sure any fan of the series can remember. Here's hoping his songs for Death Stranding 2 slap just as hard.

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