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Here’s How $300 Million Worth Shakira Added $15 Million to Her Net Worth After Break Up With Gerard Pique




Nobody would have predicted that Shakira and Gerard Pique would have such a mᴀssive public feud. The former Celebrity couple has been on every news headline for over a month. Shakira lit the music industry on fire after releasing two major diss tracks against her ex-boyfriend.

However, she also released many more songs in 2022. Reports claim that the Colombian singer has earned a fortune from her bunch of songs against Pique. Her net worth before the controversial saga was about $300 million.

With the rich supply of income from her latest diss tracks, the fans are expecting her net worth and value to rocket sky-high.

How much money did Shakira make from all her songs against Gerard Pique?

Shakira has always had a knack to produce world-class music. The fans were stunned after they got to know the amount of money their Colombian idol has made in the last year. The Latin American singer is currently minting money by merely dissing her former partner. It’s safe to say that the Grammy Award winner has created a ‘cult’ for breakup diss tracks.

Let’s have a glance at some of her financials. She made a shocking $2.5 million from her first diss track alongside Bizarrap. But it doesn’t end there. As per reports, the 46-year-old earned about $10 million from her single ‘Te felicito’. Following that, she made another $3.5 million from Monotonia, her collaboration with Ozuna. Her total earnings from every track that is related to Gerard Pique, excluding TQG are about $15 million.

Shakira just will not stop dissing her ex-boyfriend. She released a new single with Karol G a few weeks ago. Financial reports suggest that her income will easily multiply even if TQG does half as well as her other songs.

While the Waka–Waka singer continues to make millions, let’s have a look at what Gerard Pique has been up to.

What has Gerard Pique been doing recently?

Gerard Pique announced his retirement from soccer in 2022. Since then, the soccer legend is involved in an interesting Business venture. In 2023, he unveiled the ‘Kings League’, a transformed and modern soccer compeтιтion. Quite a few fans have also taken a liking to the unique rules of the Kings League. Even FC Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, appreciated the unique soccer league.