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HBO Quietly Fixes The Stray Crew Members In The Last Of Us Episode 6




Those who have been watching HBO's The Last of Us adaptation – and there are a great many of you – are eagerly awaiting the drop of episode seven. This new episode will feature Ellie and her friend in what is assumed will be an episode that fills in some of Ellie's past and background. While eyes will be glued to televisions later today, there is still the matter of episode six, which featured some notorious scenes.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted some errors in episode six, with shots showing crew members that should not have appeared within shot. These were a shot near the end of the episode – an overhead shot over a bridge that featured the show's crew in the corner of the frame – and another when Ellie meets a horse named Shimmer, and a stray hand appears near the horse's mouth. Viewers were reminded of the infamous incident in a Game of Throne's episode where a stray Starbucks cup was left on a table and appeared when the episode aired. But like that incident, it seems these strays have now been brushed out of the resulting scenes.

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As spotted by user 'thelazure' and shared on The Last of Us HBO series subreddit, those scenes where a hand and the crew appeared look to be now "fixed", with those strays airbrushed out of the picture.

HBO Max quietly fixed the film crew and Shimmer hand editing errors from Episode 6!

by u/thelazure in ThelastofusHBOseries

It didn't really take long, since the episode has only been out in the world for about a week, although of course it's arguable that the strays should have been spotted by post-production earlier. Having said that, most viewers simply didn't spot the strays until it was pointed out on social media (and then they were hard to miss). But those re-watching episode six on HBO Max will now no longer see the mistakes.

It's not a new phenomenon with shows such as Game of Thrones, Lost, Stranger Things, among many others, that have had mistakes fixed after the fact. Of course, scenes being retouched can sometimes go overboard as with George Lucas who made more dramatic changes to scenes in remastered versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. Meanwhile, for those wanting to catch the strays in The Last of Us episode six, the Internet is happy to oblige. Just don't expect to see them on the official streamer any longer.

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