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GTA Vice City Remaster Is Currently £123.99 On PlayStation




You can get Vice City, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto 3 remastered for £54.99, but you can also opt to buy Vice City's remaster - standalone - for £123.99. That's a fair deal, right?

In what is no doubt a mistake, Rockstar Games has listed Vice City's Definitive Edition separately from the bundle at an eye-watering price that is, as it stands, over double that of the entire trilogy when bought together. San Andreas and 3's standalone versions are currently listed as 'Announced', but hopefully, they won't be quite as expensive.

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This was spotted by Paul Lennon on Twitter, who tagged PlayStation UK and Rockstar Games with an attached screenshot. Several in the comments verified the error, and we checked it at TheGamer and found that, yes, it's that much - maybe hold off until it gets fixed, eh?

Others in the comments also shared that it's the same in other countries outside of the UK, with a France listing selling it for 149.99 Euros, which is the equivalent of £131.90. In the US, it's retailing at $226.95, an even higher £187.59. Maybe that UK pricing is a bargain, after all. If you can call £123.99 for a 21-year-old Game a "bargain".

At the least, this confirms that they're planning to sell each Game separately on PlayStation, so that you don't have to buy the whole bundle if you only want to try out the revolutionary GTA 3, seeing the birth of the modern open-world genre as we know it. Or maybe you want to play San Andreas and relive the glory days of catching the damn train.

As of writing, the price has not been fixed yet, but it's unlikely to stay at £123.99 for long, so if you fancy picking up Vice City's standalone remaster, don't do it yet. Or get the Definitive Edition. Anything but the current price.

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