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Great News: That Bunny Survived The Latest Episode Of The Last Of Us




There are so many iconic moments from The Last of Us that fans were looking forward to seeing adapted for the HBO show, but there were just as many that they were dreading. One of those involved the winter section - but it seems like the show omitted the scene we were all waiting for.

In the latest episode, When We Are in Need, the scene where Ellie goes hunting for food made a callback to the Games, but then changed the outcome entirely. This time, that adorable white bunny rabbit that gets slaughtered in the Game manages to survive, with Ellie falling flat on her face instead.

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If you thought the scene where Ellie goes out looking for food was familiar, there's a good reason for it. The same moment in the Game went viral years ago. Or, I should say, a streamer's reaction to it went viral. Here's a refresher.


However, when we saw the same bunny in the show, there was a very different outcome. Ellie does indeed chase after it, seeing as it's the only viable option for food, but this time, the rabbit comes out on top. Ellie trips over, giving the bun enough time to flee - hopefully not into the path of David's pack of creepy bastards, who were also hunting nearby.

So there we have it. Ten years since the original Game dropped, the rabbit got its revenge. Sadly, this means we won't get to recreate that amazing reaction to the kill that the Game gave us, but hopefully, the bun hopped away to a better place. And by that, I mean as far away from the events of that episode as possible - it was a hard watch.

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