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Gran Turismo 7 VR Players Are Complaining About Weird Camera Angles On Some Cars




Gran Turismo 7 is easily one of PlayStation's best driving Games, if not one of the best period. But over on the PS5 is where the title truly shines, with far better loading times, and slicker performance and visuals, while the DualSense really allows players to feel the handling of the cars. Meanwhile, a recent update allowed players to experience the Game with Sony's powerful new VR system, the PS VR2.

Via most accounts it is a very impressive experience, with the high-resolution and advanced tech of the new VR system bringing an unprecedented level of immersion to Gran Turismo. While the PS VR2 does boost the sense of being there, players have been discovering that with certain cars VR is giving a very weird view.

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While most of the cars in Gran Turismo 7 are real-world vehicles that exist and can be purchased by anyone with enough real-world money, some of the vehicles exist only as concepts or are prototypes. These are concept cars, but Gran Turismo also features Vision GT cars, which are concept cars that have been created specially for the Game.

If you choose one of the few cars in GT7 that doesn't have a cockpit view it puts you on the hood, which feels very weird lol. Y'all should try it.

by u/VFB-Fan93 in PSVR

With normal cars, VR players have the option of viewpoints such as inside the cockpit, a third-person view, or a first-person view right around where the car's grill might be. But since Vision GT cars are concepts and some manufacturers simply didn't bother designing a cockpit the Game puts the player at a slightly weird, or hair-raising, angle. This can be seen in the video above.

Using the Mercedes-Benz Vision GT, the camera defaults to an elevated viewpoint quite high up on the windshield. "Witness me!" commentors joked, referring to the movie Max Max Fury Road where a character shows his honour with daredevil-like behaviour.

Those playing Gran Turismo 7 with PS VR2 can get this novel view using certain cars, so those looking for a different perspective can go searching for unusual and extraordinary models to try it out.

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