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Goodbye Volcano High Launches June 15, 2023




PlayStation has announced that the long-awaited indie ttile Goodbye Volcano High will launch later this year on June 15 for PC as well as PS4 and PS5. It was first announced way back in 2021, but the Game finally got a new trailer showing off some Gameplay for the first time, revealing that Goobye Volcano High will actually be narratively driven rhythm Game.

You can find the trailer embedded below for your viewing pleasure, which also reveals some light visual novel elements when talking to characters. We can also see a brief Gameplay section which appears to be someone designing some kind of flier for the band, which implies there will be some level of customisation, although we'll have to wait for more info to see how in depth it goes.

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Goodbye Volcano High was originally supposed to launch back in 2021, but suffered from a series of nasty delays which pushed it back to this year. One of the main reasons for the delays was due to the toll the pandemic took on the developers both physically and mentally, but now it seems like the Game is ready for launch. Hopefully saying goodbye to Volcano High will just as dramatic and emotionally devastating as it promises to be.

Goodbye Volcano High was one of the standouts during PlayStation's latest State of Play, though there was a few more interesting announcements and showcases. For example, Capcom announced that Resident Evil 4 remake will be getting a special demo at some point between now and launch, as well as the reveal of Zangief, Cammy, and newcomer Lily's introduction to Street Fighter 6.

We also got to see the announcement of Synapse, a mind-bending first-person shooter for PS VR2 that features cool telekinetic powers, as well as a release date for Tchia which will launch on March 21. Better yet, it will also launch on PlayStation Plus for both Premium and Extra members, so there's definitely plenty to look forward to over the next few months.

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