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God Of War Ragnarok Actor Says We've Not Seen The Last Of Tyr




Kratos and Atreus's story seemingly came to an end in 2022 via the critically acclaimed God of War Ragnarok. However, the actor who voiced Tyr in the sequel has apparently hinted there may well be more to come from the series, telling those in attendance at a God of War panel at PAX East that they haven't seen the last of his character.

That's according to Shark Games (thanks, VGC). Ben Pendergast, who played Tyr in Ragnarok, was part of the event's God of War retrospective panel. Apparently, Pendergast said, “I'll say this, it isn't the last you've seen of Tyr.” The sort of comment that likely made everyone else on the panel, and anyone else connected to the Games that may know something the rest of us don't, tense up a little since nothing about what's next, if anything, has been revealed about the God of War series.

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The first thing most of your minds likely went to when hearing this was another God of War Game. Despite Santa Monica previously confirming the Norse saga won't be a trilogy, it's entirely possible the God of War series will continue. Especially when you factor in the popularity of the first two Games and the now-confirmed spinoff series currently in the works at Amazon.

kratos rescuing tyr

Speaking of which, it's also possible that's the project Pendergast is hinting at. No, Tyr was not in the first Game, but it's possible Amazon mixes things up a little and includes him in season one of the show. It would be great to see Pendergast reprise the role of Tyr for a live-action retelling of the latest God of War Games, and it may well give fans hope that the role of Kratos goes to Christopher Judge.

Fans have been casting Kratos ever since rumors that God of War would be getting an adaptation started to circulate. While most are hopeful Judge keeps the role, including the actor himself, other names suggested include Dave Bautista, Triple H, and a few well-built actors who didn't get their big break in pro wrestling.

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