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Get to Know Gracie Abrams, The Indie Pop Queen You Need to Add to Your Playlist




Gracie Abrams is an emerging indie-pop star, and her songs are growing increasingly popular among young listeners. Within a few years of her debut in the music industry, she has accomplished numerous milestones and amassed a loyal following, with her delicate but poignant vocals and contemplative lyrics cementing her place as one of the most engaging songwriters of her generation. In commemorating the drop of her second studio album The Secret of Us, we look at the net worth of Gracie Abrams, her rise to fame, her connection with Taylor Swift, and the best songs that have made her a rising global music sensation.

Gracie’s personal music catalogue, which has remained honest and articulated complicated emotions, has obscured her ‘nepo baby’ label, proving her status as an emerging superstar. Despite people drawing parallels between her and Taylor Swift, she has her own distinct sound and is a musician of great calibre. In her brief time in the music industry, she has made an impression among fans and contemporaries with her heartfelt songs. Let’s learn more about Gracie Abrams, including her net worth, top songs, and other interesting facts.

All about Gracie Abrams — net worth, songs, and interesting things to know

Age and height

Gracie Abrams is currently 24 years old, and her height is about 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Getting “Older” and becoming an artist

Gracie childhood
(Image: gracieabrams/Instagram)

Born on September 7, 1999, Gracie Abrams grew up in Los Angeles. Her father, J. J. Abrams, is a famous and accomplished director and composer, while her mother, Katie McGrath, is a well-known film and television producer. She has two brothers, and the trio grew up together in a Jewish home. After graduating from school in 2018, she decided to study international relations at Barnard College. However, music has always held a special place in her heart, especially evident as she began creating songs at the age of eight, and even decided to take a year off from college to focus on her music.

Her musical journey began when she shared small clips of her original works and covers on social media. Abrams’ debut single Mean It was released in 2019 through Interscope Records. A few months later in 2020, she released her first EP Minor. With songs like 21 and I miss you, I’m sorry produced by Joel Little and Blake Slatkin, the EP became an instant hit.

Music career

Gracie Abrams and Olivia Rodrigo
(Image: gracieabrams/Instagram)

The following year after the success of her debut EP, Gracie Abrams teamed up with music producer Benny Blanco on the song Unlearn, which appeared on his album FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS 2. That same album included Lonely with Justin Bieber and Eastside with Halsey and Khalid. Around this time, Gracie also released her next single Mess It Up. Her following EP This Is What It Feels Like had 12 tracks, including Feels Like, Painkillers, and Rockland, with the latter being produced by Aaron Dessner of The National. Following the release of the EP, Abrams embarked on her first headlining tour, and also accompanied Olivia Rodrigo on her Sour tour as a supporting act.

Gracie released the lead track from her first solo album Good Riddance while on tour. The album was released in early 2023, and she went on to perform as the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on certain US dates. She is set to rejoin Swift on the Eras Tour for a few North American dates in late 2024. In the meantime, she has embarked on her Good Riddance Tour. For her amazing debut album, Abram received a nomination for Best New Artist at the 66th Grammy Awards. Her featured song Everywhere, Everything by Noah Kahan debuted at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking her first foray into the charts. Furthermore, in 2023, she was named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

The Secret of Us and friendship with Taylor Swift

On June 21st, Abram’s second studio album The Secret of Us was released, which includes the song us. with Taylor Swift. Abrams recently shared how the house caught fire while the duo was busy celebrating the completion of their song. Thankfully, Swift was able to put out the fire in time, and it became a hilarious memory. She also recalls listening to TTPD, sharing that she danced around to But Daddy I Love Him, and ended up laying on the floor after listening to The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.

Beyond their support of one another, Swift and Abrams also work great together in the studio. Speaking of the duo’s chemistry, Aaron Dessner, who has also worked extensively with Swift said, “It was just really fun to watch the chemistry of Gracie and Taylor bouncing off each other, Gracie in total wonder and awe watching how Taylor records and produces her vocal performances and builds the world.”

This album is Abrams’ first foray into mainstream pop, and features several extraordinary tracks including Good Luck Charlie, which she wrote with her childhood best friend Audrey Hobert. “We just had a good time realising that we can make things that sound totally different,” Abrams said, speaking of the album in an interview. “It was permission, this album, to try whatever the f—k we want.” Overall, the album addresses the subject of unrequited love, which can be a complex emotion to write about.

Abrams is already working on her next project. “We don’t know what it is yet,” she explains, adding, “but we’ve been making a bunch of new music that feels already wildly different from this album.” The singer expresses her current state through The Secret of Us, which contrasts strongly against her previous efforts, which she has described as “revisiting old wounds” to play live.

The best song by Gracie Abrams

Listed in no specific order, here are some of the best songs by Gracie Abrams so far:

  • I miss you, I’m sorry
  • Mess It Up
  • 21
  • Risk
  • Close To You
  • Block me out
  • Difficult
  • Everywhere, Everything
  • Cedar
  • This is what the drugs are for
  • us. (feat. Taylor Swift)

The net worth of Gracie Abrams

Many sources state that the net worth of rising star Gracie Abrams sits between a range of USD 2 million – USD 6 million. The singer-songwriter has already made a remarkable impression in the first few years of her career. To date, she has released two EPs and two full-length albums, and has also opened for two artists on world tours. Additionally, she has also embarked on three headlining tours thus far, and she’s all set to go on to her fourth one. Her music sales, streaming, live performances, endorsements, and growing popularity have significantly contributed to her financial success. With no signs of stopping and future projects lined up, her net worth is on a rising trajectory and is expected to see substantial growth.

Abrams reportedly owns a residence in Los Angeles, as well as a few luxury cars that add to her wealth.

Dating History and Personal Life

As a young artist and the daughter of a popular Celebrity couple, Abrams’ dating life has always been a major subject of discussion. From 2016 to 2022, Abrams dated producer Blake Slatkin, and the couple has worked on numerous projects together.

Following their breakup, reports emerged to link Abrams with actor Dylan O’Brien. However, neither party have confirmed the rumours.

She was reported to be dating DJ Hayes Bradley. The couple has kept everything under wraps. Despite posting a sneak peek of her beau on Instagram on New Year’s, she quickly deleted it.

Abrams was recently photographed with the actor Paul Mescal in London on a ‘date’. TMZ shared the pictures of them sitting together and having a quite captivating conversation at BRAT Restaurant in London and at one point he even reached over to stroke her cheek.

Abrams has a Pet dog named Weenie who frequently makes appearances on her social media.

(Main and featured image: gracieabrams/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gracie Abrams a Nepo baby?

Gracie Abrams is the daughter of J. J. Abrams, a famous and accomplished director and composer, and Katie McGrath, is a well-known film and television producer as well as actress.

How did Gracie Abrams get famous?

Gracie Abrams became famous through her emotive music and songwriting.

– How much money does Gracie Abrams have?

Gracie Abrams has a substantial net worth of around USD 2 million – USD 6 million.