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Shakira’s move to the U.S. has been a complicated process. Announced last year, Shakira’s move was scheduled to develop in the opening weeks of 2023, but was delayed due to her father’s Health and her kids’ school schedules. Now, a new report claims that Gerard Piqué’s father, Joan Piqué, served Shakira with an eviction notice. This notification infomred her that she had to leave her home before April 30th

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reports that Shakira received a letter signed by Joan as the administrator of Inversiones BCN Two & Two SL. According to the home’s property registry, the home, which was owned by Shakira and Piqué, was handed down to Inversiones BCN Two & Two SL in September of last year. This was after the couple had confirmed their split and were figuring out a mulтιтude of issues, among them, who their children’s would be living with.

The eviction letter informed Shakira that she had until April 30th to leave the residence. The newspaper argues that Shakira probably had to move up the timeline of her move due to the notice. It also claims that Shakira’s children would be starting school on April 11th, giving them a few days where they can get settled in their new home and life.

Shakira shared an emotional goodbye to Barcelona after completing her move. The post shows an image of the city, with her writing her thanks for her friends in the city and everyone she met that made her life easier. Shakira’s message put a value on friendship, suggesting that her relationship with Piqué remains strained and has not improved.

“Thanks to everyone who surfed so many waves alongside me in Barcelona, the city where I learned that friendship lasts longer than love,” she wrote.